"Never Give Up!" says Jac

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“Don’t give up...” That’s what I told Mr. Anwar when I first met him 6 months ago as he came to view one of the units I’m marketing in Jurong West. Prior to that, Anwar has viewed 6 other properties but failed to secure due to some loan and grant issues. After hearing what he was going through at that time, I decided to take up his case and determined to find him a property which he badly needed.

After a few months of emails, appealing and indeed through a “bumpy” journey, we finally reached the “destination” and here we are today at the completion appointment.

A big thank you for your trust in me and congrats to having your first home! Believe we wouldn't have done it without you and your brother's trust and faith.

Wishing you all the best!


Special mention: Mr. Anwar and Mr. Fadhil

Jac Lee and her client

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