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  • More than 10 Years of Full Time Experience 
  • A.I Integration 
  • Automated Marketing System
  • GTA Concept  
  • More than 260 Transactions in 36 months (SRX Verified)
  • Full Online Marketing Plan (Multi-Portal)
  • Full Fledged Real Estate Service  
  • Exclusive Network
  • Hassle-Free Relocation Mapping
  • Hassle-Free Leasing Service
  • Quick Match Strategy
  • Corporate and Professionals
  • Largest Property Firm In Singapore
  • Area of Expertise include:
  1. HDB Resale (Concurrent Sell and Buy/Divorce/Administrator/Executor)
  2. Private Resale (Sale with Tenancy/Portfolio Management/Sub-Sale)
  3. Professional Leasing Service via Quick Match Strategy (Residential/Commercial/Industrial)
  4. New Launches (Island Wide/International Private New Sale)
  5. Commercial and Industrial (Shops/B1/B2/Stalls/F&B/Malls)
  • Professional Service Package includes:
  1. Full Financial Analysis
  2. Relocation Feasibility
  3. Relocation Strategy Mapping
  4. Customised Marketing Plan
  5. Presentation Kit
  6. Detailed Progress Update
  7. All Submission
  8. Completion Appointment 
  9. Full Home Report
  10. X-Value
  11. Property Portfolio Review

Firstly I thank you for considering engaging my services in your upcoming property transaction. Practicing since 2009, I have formulated a win-win strategy to exceed my clients' expectations combining offline and online marketing. While achieving optimal exposure for all her listings, I usually managed to secure potential offers within the first 30 days of my marketing plan which prevent listings from getting overexposed leading to declining offers. Engaging in mostly all effective property online portals that lead to the extensive amount of eyeballs, I possess strong sensing of potential buyers which helps filter unnecessary viewing appointments and extremely low offers.

Not limited to only the effective marketing strategy, I have also created a system to provide clients with a seamless relocation plan that minimise inconvenience and double shifting. From conveyancing lawyers, bankers, renovation to movers, your next big move shall be a hassle-free one.

Please do not hesitate to contact me for a non-obligatory discussion at 93283000 or email me at getmyhomesg@gmail.com.

Thank you!

My Testimonial:

Jac's Testimonial
Jac's Testimonial
Jac's Testimonial
Jac's Testimonial
Jac's Testimonial
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