Professional Leasing Service

 Professional Leasing service by Jac lee

Pro leasing service

Ever wondered why you need to engage a professional full-time salesperson to handle your property lease? Here's some of the benefits:

  • Arms Length – getting a professional salesperson to negotiate for you allows you to be at “arms length” with the tenants so you can make partial decisions without feeling pressured and obligated at any time.
  • Market Intelligence – a good leasing professional will have a better understanding of your industry and be abreast of the type of deals being done in the market place.
  • Industry Network – usually a specialised salesperson has his/her own exclusive network with corporate/professional individuals. Thus chances of getting a good and suitable tenant is optimised. In addition the salesperson can recommend reliable handy man to settle issues within the property i.e. plumbing, electrical appliances, locks etc.
  • Experience – Engaging an experienced salesperson can help pre-empt problems/issues along the way and ensure a smoother and hassle-free leasing experience. In addition, he/she can filter highly compatible candidates to show and cut down unnecessary time wasted.
  • Optimising the deal – a highly competitive salesperson possess good skill sets to "sweeten" the deal and help save costs in the long run. The "presentation" of the lease package needs to be properly designed in order to entice potential tenants and possibly raise the rental beyond your expectation.
  • Time (Opportunity Cost) – Leaving lease transaction to a professional makes a lot of sense from a time & productivity perspective. It may seems easy but the effort to rent out a property from prep stage to marketing and viewing appointments will definitely wear you out.


With more than 15 years of full time leasing experience, we handle more than 50 leasing contracts per year. Via the proven quick match strategy, we provide responsive matches between landlords and corporate/professional individuals in mostly all residential sectors (HDB/Private properties). Over the years we insist on rendering hassle-free leasing services where we assist our clients from sourcing for appliances, furniture, fitting before lease start, handling leasing matters throughout the duration to taking/handing over upon lease expiration. On top of the usual comprehensive leasing services, we also provide leasing management service for clients who are based overseas.

We thank all our customers for the wonderful reviews over the years and we look forward to constantly upholding our services and maintain a long lasting relationship. 

To find out more about how much your property can lease out in the current market, drop us an enquiry or whatsapp us at 93283000.


Professional Lease Service by Jac Lee
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