Selling Tips Unveiled

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Selling Tips Unveiled

In this sharing session, I'm going to point out a few useful tips on how you can sell your property faster and at a higher price. I have categorised 4 main elements which can help in getting your property sold faster than your competitors.

1) Prerequisite

Firstly prerequisite refers to the "structure" of a potential deal. For example the physical location, view, floor level which we can’t possibly change but what we can change is the terms and conditions of the sale. If we know our unit lies on a low floor with no view, we can entice buyers buying allowing them to take over the property earlier, giving them more time to renovate (subject to regulations) or leaving them some useful furniture/appliances especially for younger couples. In addition we can adjust the relocation timeline to suit the buyers better and adopt a "softer" and "open-minded" approach during negotiation.

2) Marketing

Marketing is all about "eyeballs" and potential buyers need to be able to see your ad. You and/or your salesperson have to “plant” the ads in effective channels to ensure maximum outreach without "over-exposure". Repetitive ads by different salespersons in the same channel will lead to confusion and may even have negative impact on the listing. Information of the property needs to be concise as attention span of buyers are getting shorter due to the changing lifestyle. Copywriting needs to be simple without using too much "hard sell" language as buyers may get impatient with ultra long sales pitches.

3) Presentation

Once the first two points have been taken care of, we shall next prepare for the presentation - viewing. The property needs to be adequately lit and airy. Ensure that the place has natural ventilation and natural light if possible. The house needs to be tidy without clutters so the actual layout and size can be properly presented. If the viewing is arranged in the afternoon, you can consider turning on the aircon 10-15 minutes before hand so the buyers can enjoy the viewing process without feeling sweaty. It is advisable to keep a copy of the layout plan handy especially if there is any changes to the original layout. Any additional information not visible to the buyers should be presented as well. i.e. upgrading done by HDB, changes to original layout, new development (MRT/Mall) around the neighbourhood etc.

4) Vibe

Last but not least we need to consider the "Vibe" which can propel the buyer to put up an offer. Vibes include the whole "experience" inside and outside of the property. Imagine you as a buyer steps out of the lift and immediately notice a corridor hoarded with things, then you step into a house with dogs barking and family members quarrelling in front of you, I bet it will create a negative impact and makes you reconsider on making an offer. We can't stop dogs from barking at strangers but we can improve by bringing your pet out for a walk during viewing. 

Hope this article helps and please do not hesitate to contact me should you need any help. Thank you and great day ahead!