You think you got the right salesperson?

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Choosing the right salesperson by Jac Lee

Choosing the right salesperson to carry out the sale or purchase of a property can be quite a task especially when the process can be irreversible. To get someone and entrust him/her to handle all the marketing and conveyancing of transaction is not a decision you make every day so let's get into the multiple effects if you choose a wrong one:

1) Commission

In this competitive age where every salesperson wants to take up your listing, there are bound to have agencies/individual salesperson giving cut-throat commission to get the deal. Do not focus 100% on commission and let this be the ultimate reason why you engage that particular salesperson, if the commission is way below the market guideline, he/her will only be able to work on sales volume and quality of their service can be compromised. Salespersons are like salaried workers to a certain extent and imagine if the salary of a job position is half of what other employers are paying in the market, the worker will need to take up a sideline after work to make up for the difference so he can support his/her family.

2) Experience & Involvement

I'm sure you all have an "agent" friend somewhere, somehow. Over the years of practice, almost 90% of my clients have an "agent" friend or relative but when I in return ask them which sector are they in, they are either not sure or they are not very well versed in the type of property my clients engage me to help them with. Experience and involvement in that particular sector are one of the most important attributes when it comes to choosing the right salesperson especially handling public housing (HDB). Selling and buying an HDB in Singapore can be tricky when it comes to eligibility, regulations and timeline planning so if you won't get someone to do the job, make sure that he/she has the relevant experience in the sector and physical involvement on the ground. He/she needs to be very current with the latest policies to ensure the whole process is smooth and hiccup-free.

3) Commitment

After running through the flyers dropped at your door, checking out on facebook and seeing the banner ads up on the major online marketing portals, you may conclude that real estate salespersons are "everywhere". Salespersons spent up to tens of thousands just to be seen by sellers and buyers but how can we be sure of their credentials? The answer does not base 100% on their marketing ads but their level of commitment. They are good and committed salespersons out there who do not have deep pockets to spend big dollars on marketing and personal branding so before you decide who to choose, it's advisable to have a 1-1 interview or meet up to test their level of commitment. In my personal opinion if the candidate comes in a group (usually more than 3) telling you that more "people", "higher" chance of getting the highest offer, it may not necessarily true as you may end up not knowing who is coming to your home and your property can be easily "overexposed" via repetitive marketing. These, in turn, will confuse potential buyers, repeated viewing appointments and also led the potential buyers thinking the seller is too eager to sell his/her property. Thus the quality of offers will be compromised.

4) Connection

For sure the connection with other salespersons in the same geographical location can lead you to get the property sold faster but the connection I am talking is a different "Connection", you need to connect with your salesperson intellectually and he/she needs to be able to fully understand your situation before professional help can be rendered. In other word both of you need to "clicked" so the whole process can be an enjoyable one. Many a time we prejudged salespersons from the awards they received, the cars they drive and the designations they hold, thinking that they are the right salesperson without considering the 4 attributes to a "right" salesperson.

I hope I have shared some valuable thoughts with you and the next time before you decide who to engage, think again.

Thank you so much for your time and stay happy always.